The Redelco Inc. Story
Family Owned and Operated
Third and Fourth Generation
“In God We Trust”

1931 to NOW

In 1931 the Ed Alcott/ Bob Knight Sr. (Normah Alcott Knight) family came from Dallas during the great depression and settled in Harlingen. They acquired the RC Cola/7Up bottling business. As the business grew, they needed a larger facility – which inspired the purchase of forty acres on the east side of Harlingen, basically a cotton field though which the new 77 bypass was built. Later, it was named “77 Sunshine Strip”.

In 1969, Bob Luby, of the original Luby family who owned one of the first Luby cafeterias, saw the business potential of moving from downtown to the new bypass. He came to Ed and Bob Sr. and ask them to build a cafeteria. The new Luby’s Cafeteria launched the Coronado Village Shopping Center because other businesses wanted to be near the popular restaurant.

The growth and success brought a requirement from the IRS that the bottling company and real estate businesses had to be separated. Lawyers and accountants were hired to divide the enterprises and on January 1, 1970, Redelco. Inc. (Real Estate Development Co.) was born. Bob Knight Jr. was elected president of Redelco and Bert Alcott, president of the bottling company.

The land, buildings and rentals were assigned to Redelco. Inc. with the three basic types of properties: strip shopping centers, commercial office space and medium sized business warehouses. In time, they initiated the development of the Knightwood Estates; Coronado Village was renamed Village South and Village North; and, the soft drink business was sold in 1981. Later, third generation, Gary Knight and Louis Martin were at the helm. After twenty-seven years, Gary retired.

With consistent conservative management, all loans have been paid and properties upgraded. Redelco’s maintenance crew and subcontractors quickly respond to calls. As a result, our occupancy rate is always high (90+ percent) and we believe that it is because we keep our properties clean and attractive while serving our tenants. We treat our tenants as family, with personal contact and awareness of their needs. Some have been with Redelco for more than twenty-five years and recommend Redelco to potential prospects.

Special benefit to our tenants: Some of our properties are monitored 24/7 with on-site cameras that can be viewed by tenant managers through the Internet. Did your shipment arrive? Did your employee come to work? Customer traffic, etc..

Harlingen, Texas is located approximately in the center of the Rio Grande Valley making it ideal for businesses interested in Valley wide distribution to the four county area. The Redelco Business Park is close to Hwy. 77 for quick access south to Mexico and to the north.

Now third generation, Louis Martin, Pres. (Mary Ann Alcott Martin) and fourth generation, Eric Polley, V.P (Sumer Knight Polley) are here to help you.

If you are looking for retail space, an office or a warehouse, please come and join our Redelco family.

We will look forward to your calls. Louis and Eric (956) 423-8393